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With advancement in our lifestyle and technologies, the complexity of dental problems is also rising with every passing day. In contrast to earlier decades, dental cases have challenged the dental surgeons to a great degree. As the complexities of dental cases go up, so does the demand for a quality and highly advanced center for dental research and excellence in London. Kensington Dental has been one of the most preferred options for patients and experts for a long time.

Dental needs of people have evolved to a great degree in recent years and this includes a great deal of emphasis on the cosmetic dental reconstruction –facial cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening, dental implant, porcelain veneers or a routine dental cleaning. Irrespective of your need, we work with the needs of our patients to provide a world-class treatment in the most cozy confines of the Kensington Dental center.

Serving the city of London with distinction for a long period of time has earned us the admiration and respect of our patients and dental experts – It is no wonder that we are now counted as one of the most innovative dental teams in London. Our enviable track record in the areas of General dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry and specialist dentistry has led to a greater responsibility as the keepers of dental health for the city of London. With single-minded devotion to transform the smiles and lives of its patients, our dental team practices the most appropriate scientific procedure which is tailored to needs of your gums and teeth.

Scientific diagnosis and precision instruments guide our team to select the best procedure for your dental structure. For us every smile is precious and worth preserving. We not only prescribe the mantra of a good dental health but also work with you to adopt a healthy dental routine – transforming your life and smile forever.

Our soothing ambience and courteous staff have an instant healing effect on your persona which helps in restoring the confidence and positivity in your life. State-of-art dental equipment and procedures coupled with a compassionate introduction program makes Kensington dental a natural choice for the Londoners.

Cosmetic Dentistry by a Kensington dentist

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry covers a multitude of procedures that are carried out by dentists, and they aren`t all just about making us look good says a Kensington dentist. When we talk about cosmetic procedures we tend to think along the lines of `nips and tucks` and enhancements, that are carried out just for the sake of looking better or even younger. With cosmetic dentistry many of the treatments are quite in keeping with normal dental procedures. Misaligned teeth are made straight by using a technique of replaceable braces, rather than the usual frames on the teeth braces. The two main methods, which deal mostly with adults, are the Inman Aligner and the Invisalign Brace. Many people might consider these treatments as cosmetic simply because they aren`t conventional. Teeth whitening is another misconception of cosmetic dentistry, the methods used may not be conventional again, and so the name cosmetic is attached. However, the Intense Light method and the DIY kits both do a job that not only keeps our teeth white, but gives us a confidence boost when we see the new smile we have obtained. Dentistry today isn`t all about pulling teeth and fillings, it covers a lot of procedures that a few decades ago would have been only for the rich and famous. Your dentist is a much better trained clinician, and they use the latest technical procedures to make your life easier. If that is cosmetic dentistry then that`s a good thing to have available, and the sooner the better. The latest technology is available in most dental surgeries, it is called the CEREC method and although it is often classed as cosmetic, it is a method that allows a dentist to see a patient with say, a cracked tooth, and deal with it in one appointment. The procedure allows the dentist to use a computer and 3D technology to take the measurements and then make and fit a dental cap; and all in less than an hour.

Teeth braces – accepted by experts

Dentists at our Kensington Dental spa are often questioned regarding the right age of putting up the braces. It is a unanimously accepted by experts and parents alike that the best results for braces are seen in the age group of 7 yrs -14 yrs. Because of the fact that the dentures of children in the age group of 7- 14 years are still in the process of growth and maturity, our dentists advise the parents that the highest success rate for the best results of teeth braces are in this age group.

Teeth braces are fitted on the upper, lower or both sets of teeth based on the nature of dental misalignment. Teeth braces create the appropriate alignment because of the correct ratio of time and pressure. Kensington Dental team ensures that a perfect balance is created between the teeth braces and the gums – the pressure has to be correctly calibrated and has to be applied for an adequate period of time – which can vary from 6 weeks to 3 years. Teeth braces can either be of fixed variety or can be removable one. Transforming the personality and smiles of so many kids over the years, the dental team at Kensington dental is the most reliable dental center for teeth braces – for people of all ages.

With increasing awareness amongst the parents that the confidence and positive thinking in children being extremely important for their future growth, and this confidence level is to a great level being dependent upon the good feeling that the children have about their appearance. As a result, parents are becoming increasingly proactive towards their children’s physical, dental and mental development – and logically the dental set up plays a big part in the personality of the children. Now braces are a very common sight in teenagers and also in the younger kids. As teeth alignment can be easily rectified in the growing period, majority of the patients at Kensington Dental are teenagers and kids. From custom teeth braces to transparent teeth braces, cosmetic dentistry has achieved a new level of sophistication by the adoption of perfectly invisible teeth braces.

So, let the smile glow your personality – and it could be just a matter of few months of teeth braces!

Dental implants – not only a rage in the older population

With age and declining metabolism, our teeth also become fragile and one of the most conspicuous signs of aging is the loss of teeth. Temporary apparatus like bridges and dentures were the only recourse for people who had lost teeth. So, when the news about Dental implants slowly spread, curiosity gave rise to greater rate of adoption of the Dental implants. As the popularity for Dental implants grew, people of all ages have been exposed to the benefits of the dental implants. It can be safely said that at present Dental implants are not only a rage in the older population but is also perceived as a great cosmetic tool for the younger population. The young crowd is more interested in the “mini” dental implants which replace a set of tooth instead of the complete set. The adoption and success rates of Dental implants have demonstrated it is one of the most promising cosmetic dentistry procedures of current times. The success rates are near perfect when it is performed by such highly rated dental experts as at Kensington dental.

Considered as one of the life-changing innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dental implants is the most sought after procedure in patients of all ages – and the best part is that the procedure is affordable for most patients. In addition to adding taste and zest into our lives, Dental implants also play a big role in giving us a youthful appearance. Many of the senior patients have a hard time digesting the fact that they don’t need to change their dentures every night before going to sleep – seemed too good to be true!

Rapid advancements in cosmetic technology and practical innovations have transformed the lives of millions of people in UK and other places – and our team at Kensington Dental is in the thick of the action. Till some time back, Dental implants were considered impractical and the only remedy to loss of teeth was the bridge and dentures. Dental implants present a permanent solution for premature or geriatric tooth loss. More and more people now prefer the permanent solution of dental implants over the restorative option of bridges & dentures.

So, let not the loss of teeth bog you down – A few sessions with our expert panel of dentist at Kensington will not only bring back the fervor in your life, but also get back the old smile!

Dental Implants – The new way to a zestier life.

Cosmetic dentistry has witnessed some of the most amazing innovations in the recent years – and the demand for further innovation is still growing. Our dental system, the first line of our digestive system has to bear the onslaught of various types of chemical – not to speak of temperature. The result is that tooth decay is the most common signs of aging and by the time a person crosses fifty, the loss of teeth becomes the norm. This gave birth to the removable denture. A majority of the old population are still hooked on to the removable or temporary dentures – not knowing that that they can have their permanent dentures back by a simple implantation method.

Dental implants present an amazingly simple yet permanent solution for premature or geriatric tooth loss. In the cosmetic dentistry circles, dental implants were considered impractical till some time back but with time dental implants have gained acceptability and also gained in popularity. As compared to the removable dentures, dental implants are much more efficient and long-lasting than their restorative counterparts (bridges & dentures).

Spotless and well-aligned teeth are the hallmark of a beautiful face and youth, but unfortunately our teeth give way to neglect and lack of dental hygiene. In this light, Dental implants can be considered a live-saver for the population in the fast lane. But, the fact that the dental implants are not only for the older population – People of all ages and needs are showing an interest in the dental implants. Younger population who are not satisfied with the cosmetic aspect of their face often opt for the “mini” dental implants – which only replace a part of the dentures and not the whole set. The trusted and acclaimed team of dentists at Kensington dental has been guiding their patients in adopting the best line of treatment.

So, if your teeth are not holding their ground, it’s time to consider dental implants.

There is no denying the fact that Dental implants have brought back a lot of lost years and also added spice and good smile back to lives of millions.

So, it’s time to get back your pride with a smile – and forever…

Dental implants – Youth and beauty

The advancements in technology and the prolific innovation in the area of cosmetic dentistry has not only been changing lives for the patients, but also made things simpler for the dentists. Dental implants were considered inconceivable till some time back and the only way out for patients was to wear removal dentures. Dental implants present a permanent solution for premature or geriatric tooth loss. More and more people now prefer the permanent solution of dental implants over the restorative option of bridges & dentures.

Youth and beauty have an eternal correlation with a shining pair of teeth – with flawless alignment. While most of us understand the value of a healthy teeth and a good dental hygiene, it is the least important routine in our furiously paced life. With years passing by fast, the dental deterioration also continues unabated – until one fine day we find that they are on the verge of extinction. But, it’s too late by then. But, is everything lost? No need to be despondent as all our dentists a Kensington Dental will tell you.

Dental implants are considered one of the most life-changing innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry and to the surprise of many; it’s affordable by any standards. Dental implants have not only brought the taste back into our lives, but also taken away years from our appearance. Many of the senior citizens could not believe their ears once our team explains the process and the benefits of the dental implants.

Dental implant is not only a rage in the older population but is also seen as a safe way to change one’s appearance in the younger age group. The young crowd is more interested in the “mini” dental implants which replace a set of tooth instead of the complete set. As far as the success rates are considered, dental implants are considered to be one of the most promising cosmetic dentistry procedures. The success rates are near perfect when it is performed by such highly rated dental experts as at Kensington dental.

So, if your dental appearance is bothering you, there might be a permanent solution for a long lasting and beautiful makeover.

Teeth braces – might just make the difference

Smiles make all the difference in this world and a few misaligned teeth might just be the difference between a dazzling smile and an average smile. Parents as well as teachers are equally cognizant of the fact that the alignment of teeth plays an important role in the personality and confidence of children. It is a common site in UK and around the world to see children with braces. Over a period of years, Teeth braces have achieved a level of reliability and trust in the parent as well as dentist fraternity.

Teeth braces are considered to be the corrective action for the alignment of teeth in the children of growing age. Adequate pressure is applied for a fixed period of time to realign the out-of-line teeth. Braces can be either fixed or removable orthodontic brackets and our experienced dentists at Esthetic Clinique will guide you through the process of selection and implementation. In a simple consultation with our doctors, you will know whether you need the teeth braces on the upper, lower or both the sets of teeth.

The corrective action of the teeth braces is brought about by a perfect combination of time and pressure. Teeth braces can be applied for a varying period of time – 6 weeks to 3 years. The orthodontists at Esthetic Clinique are trusted by a majority of parents to get the best aligned set of teeth for their children. Our dentists will carry out a series of pin-pointed X-rays following which moulds are created from teeth impressions. This sets the stage for the manufacturing of customized teeth braces for your specific pair of teeth. Although Teeth braces can be worn by people of any age, the best results are seen for children in the age group of 7 to 14 years – This is because the dentures of children are still in the growth stage and the braces gives them the right shape before they achieve a maturity.

One of the common questions that our doctors face is about the cosmetic angle of the teeth braces – how will I look after wearing the teeth braces? Is there a transparent teeth brace that can be worn without it being noticed? Cosmetic industry has taken notice of this and as a result of continuous innovation, dentists have the option of the following types of teeth braces – Stainless metal braces, Ceramic braces, Sapphire brand braces, Traditional Silver braces, Gold braces, Invisible braces, Lingual braces, Inman aligners, and Friction-Free Damon braces.

With bare minimum of post-implementation impact (soreness of teeth and minor discomfort), teeth braces are still the safest and most trusted orthodontic procedure to get back your teeth in shape.

Cosmetic dentistry – The value of healthy teeth

Dental hygiene is one of the most debated topics within the parents as well as in the patient community, but in majority of the cases, dental hygiene is relegated to the last spot as we find it too time consuming – the result is not hard to imagine. Our teeth succumb to the constant onslaught of fast food, caffeine and carbonated drinks resulting in rapidly corroding enamel and a prematurely fragile set of teeth. The value of healthy teeth dawns on us once the first signs of dental decay appear on the horizon – We truly begin to miss the taste of meat balls and pasta, and not to mention the charming effect of your old smile. Our team at Kensington dental is committed to bring back complete health to your teeth with the best and most affordable dental procedures.

The emotional, psychological and physiological implications of a few misaligned teeth are important in the context of cosmetic dentistry. Our dental team puts its heart and soul behind your well being and dental recovery. Every patient receives the same type of attention and expertise at our dental center. Understanding the specific needs of a patient is key to the success of a cosmetic dental procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry is a highly innovative field and the aspiration to look good is one of the major aspects of this dental stream. In majority of the cases, patients arrive for the following reasons – teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, veneers and crowns, Invisalign, Inman Aligner, gum reshaping, dental bridges and white fillings. Considering the holistic dental healing approach, we zero down on the most effective and suitable procedure for your gums and teeth. As recognition of our compassionate line of treatment, Kensington dental is one of the most popular dental centers and is recognized for its adherence to most advanced computer imaging, laser technology and diagnostic capabilities.

Most of us miss the magic of our pristine set of teeth and are aware of the reasons for losing the old magic, but the discipline needed to nurture and nourish our dentures is lacking for one reason or the other. But, in the end everyone wants to have an infectious smile and our dental team at Kensington is committed to bring the smile back in your life.

teeth whitening versus veneers: ask a Kensington dentist

When the teeth are damaged by discolouration, worn enamel and chips and cracks, they can often begin to look rather unpleasant. There are a number of cosmetic dentistry practises that can restore the appearance of damaged teeth. Perhaps the two most common are porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, but which is the most effective and will have the most efficient and cost efficient results.

Starting with veneers: they are exceptionally effective and can completely transform the appearance of discoloured teeth. They are thin ceramic shells that are placed over the top of the teeth and cemented in place, They will look and feel natural and completely improve the look of your teeth as well as the size and shape. Veneers, it has to be said, are expensive and probably more suited for teeth that are severely damaged or suffering from worn enamel or discolouration.

Teeth whitening on the other hand is relatively cost effective and also produces great results. With treatments starting from as little as £60 for short treatment it really is available to all. It works by applying a gel to the surface of the teeth. This bleaches it white, removing any of the discoloured patches on their surface. This process is capable of whitening the teeth by as much as ten shades and with very few if any side effects or discomfort is a very popular treatment.

Where veneers do triumph however, is with length of treatment. A set of veneers will last as long as twenty years if looked after properly but whitening will need to be repeated after a couple of years as the effects wear off. Ask your Kensington dentist for more information about the benefits of both treatments and which is most suitable for you.

Emergency dentist – Kensington Dental Spa

Very similar to the majority of the medical emergencies, dental emergencies arrive without any notice and in a very crippling manner – In the case of dental emergencies, only the very trained emergency dentist experts have the expertise to handle the dental pains. Kensington Dental Spa has been in the thick of the action as far as the dental emergencies are concerned and is associated with expertise and reliability, making it one of the most preferred centers for dental emergency cases. The dentists at Kensington Dental are focused on a holistic pain treatment and take into account the associated emotional distress – one of the prime reasons why it is considered to be the top choice for majority of people in dental distress.

Considering all the types of dental emergency cases, the most severe types of pain can be categorized into the following areas…

  • Toothache pain / Toothaches
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Broken teeth or knocked out teeth
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Oral and tooth infections
  • Injuries to the mouth, lips and tongue
  • Lacerations because of abrasions and foreign objects.

Once you are in the hands of our caring team, relief comes faster than you can imagine and with it comes the confidence of living a healthy and meaningful life.

Dental pain can be attributed to any of the following factors – intensely hectic life, accidents, sporting injuries and even chronic illnesses. We are committed to the alleviation of pain and suffering of our patients and thus put a lot of emphasis on the adoption of the most advanced techniques for pain relief. As a result, Kensington Dental is comprised of trained pain relief experts who are not only the most acclaimed dentists but also trusted advisors to most of our patients – which provides an immense amount of assurance to our community.

Dental pains are recognized for being one of the most excruciating types of pain – it is a fact that as our lives gets into the faster lane, the cases of dental emergencies have been more common as compared to earlier days. So, if you or your dear ones are anticipating any dental emergency situations, it makes practical sense to get in touch with the emergency dentist.